Still Talking

  • Now that you mention it, we are kind of happy we won't have to listen to Bush give another one of these speeches. [New York Times]
  • Oh, sorry, did you say something? We were busy fantasizing about a young, black president. [New York Times]
  • Romney and McCain need to just fuck and get it over with and stop dragging America into it. [Washington Post]
  • Not that he meant to mislead anybody, but it's funny what happens when you check a Bush speech for accuracy. [Washington Post]
  • But seriously, just give your speech and go. [The Hill]
  • Hey, old people! You vote, right? [Politico]
  • No health care for California, so goes America. [LA Times]
  • Florida will yield a GOP front-runner, you know, until the next contest. [CNN]

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