Stinking Bag of Rancid Crap Joe Lieberman Shoots Crap From His Mouth, and We Liveblog It

Stinking Bag of Rancid Crap Joe Lieberman Shoots Crap From His Mouth, and We Liveblog It

Oh we hate you. We hate you. You are a stinking whining sanctimonious sack of death tampons and pus. You, Joe Lieberman, insult the dignity of roaches. You are a diarrhea diaper. Let's liveblog your pathetic bullshit.

9:42 PM -- Eeewwhooohh, Vinegar Joe is against partisanship ... if it's anti-McCain/Bush.

9:42 PM -- You scum-sucking weasel, you're not a Democrat. You're an opportunist little creep.

9:43 PM -- This is almost to difficult to liveblog.

9:45 PM -- More Bushmill's, please, waitress! Thank you thank you thank you.

9:48 PM -- "God made John McCain, and he is his own man." Then why did God have to make John McCain?

9:48 PM -- Let's point out the things Lieberman loves more than anything, as he whines and wobbles for the adulation of the Republican cultists. Joe Lieberman loves abortion, liberalism, taxes, and aborting Republicans. As soon as this speech is over, he's going to perform a late-term abortion on Sarah Palin's nine pregnant daughters.

9:51 PM -- "She's taken on the special interests and the political power brokers in Alaska." Ha ha, this is Ted Stevens' special lobbyist who got $127 million in earmarks for her snowbilly suburb in Alaska, through earmarks. She took them on! Sarah Palin took them on in a double-secret way, by representing them all, and taking all their money.

9:53 PM -- OH YOU DUMB FUCKS YOU LEFT A GREEN SCREEN BEHIND LIEBERMAN. A million wacky YouTubes will bloom tomorrow, with all kinds of stupid calamity going on behind Lieberman's dumb speech ... video of him kissing Al Gore, whining about Prince records, and basically being a douche older and uglier than Yoda, minus The Force. Go to it, you nuts!

9:56 PM -- Please really do these fun YouTube videos.

9:57 PM -- Ha ha, Lieberman has been in the Senate for two decades, and John McCain has been in the Senate and the House for three decades, so these two proud reformers will magically clean up Washington by, uh, pretending they haven't spent their whole lives being crooks in the Washington Crook Farm, against you, the American who has to have a job or whatever.

9:59 PM -- Who wants to bet this withered box of trash will be the GOP veep nominee by Friday? We think it'll be maybe early next week, but what the hell.


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