Totally harmless novelty candyGeorgia state legislators are taking serious measures to curtail the dangerous sale of pot-flavored candy, saying it promotes use of the Devil Weed marijuana. And because this is the South, where every person's name is a punch line, one of the prononents of the bill signed into law Wednesday was Senator Doug Stoner.

According to reports from local station WSBTV,

"[The law] targets businesses that sell the candies with drug-inspired names such as 'Kronic Kandy' and 'Pot Suckers.' ... Senator Doug Stoner pushed the bill in the senate. 'I don't think that folks are aware this is going on,' Stoner told Channel 2 in April. 'It's mainly, from what I can tell, particularly targeted to minority communities.'"

The most eye-catching part of this shocking article, however, might be the links to's most popular stories. Apparently, Georgia was invented to absorb the surplus of miscreants, pedophiles, and ancient bowlers flowing northward from Florida.


Georgia Law Bans Retailers From Selling 'Pot Candy' To Minors []


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