Stoners, Media Conglomerate Responsible for Boston Bomb Hoax

Look out! It's a cult tv show! - Wonkette

A cartoon watched only by college students who smoke marijuana set off a huge terrorism scare in Boston, a city still reeling from the Patriots' loss at the hands of al-Qaeda. Suspicious objects were found planted across the city in a mysterious and ominous pattern, leading to the calling in of bomb squads, the shutdown of train stations, and the closing of the Charles River to traffic.

The objects were all, as filthy hackey-sack-playing Wonkette readers surely know, Mooninites from the Cartoon Network program Aqua Teen Hunger Force. They were all Time Warner billboards, in other words, in what has been the most embarrassing response by a city to a nerdy cult tv show since Minneapolis called in the National Guard to fight the robot menace posed by Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Suspicious Packages Part of Turner Broadcasting Marketing Campaign [Boston Globe]


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