Stop Hassling Eliot Spitzer -- No Means No


  • Yes, yes, racial profiling is not necessarily "good," but what if a police officer notices a scary brown (probably half-muslin) person walking around? What then? Should the brown person just be allowed to walk around? [Think Progress]

  • Matt Yglesias was coughing up globs of disappointment after he saw Robin Hood, but hooray, then he read the awesome Wikileaks entry for Robin Hood and now everything is as it should be. [Matt Yglesias]

  • If you are important and enjoy Cricket bat spankings, you probably attended the famous English country day school Eton. [The Corner]

  • And in Detroit: A SWAT team murdered a seven-year-old girl, just because. Apparently killing friendly corgi-dogs just wasn't swat enough for them. [Hit & Run]

  • We all desperately need Eliot Spitzer to run for office, but Eliot cold refuses, because "every duck doesn't run for office, you know" (that is a direct quote, yes). [Daily Intel]


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