Stop Me Before I Splatter Again

Earlier today, we spoke our piece on dessert assault. (Also, a hundred years ago.) Official feeling for those too lazy to scroll down the page? Mildly amused, with a generous pinch of implicit finger-wagging: Watch it, kids, someone could poke an eye out. Others have responded more strongly. Here, for example, is the real Michelle Malkin: "If you think this is funny, you are sick. This is madness and it is chilling." And here's Stephen Bainbridge: "It's only a matter of time before they start using guns." Guns?! Well, maybe not guns. But we're in total favor of a three-day waiting period on Marie Callender's banana cream pies. Not on Hostess fruit pies, though. Those you should be able to buy whenever you want, instantly.

The Myth of Liberal Tolerance [Michelle Malkin]

How The Reality-Based Community Reasons With Its Opponents [Professor Bainbridge]


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