Storytelling Hour With the Palestinians!

Storytelling Hour With the Palestinians!
  • Friday, Feb. 27: The Ramallah-based Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque perform Alive from Palestine: Stories Under Occupation, a “response to the conflict of their homeland.” A reviewer from The Independent in London calls it something between “news and propaganda,” but it’s kind of hard to imagine Hamas coming up with something so creative (although, Hamas Mouse was pretty genius). 7:30PM, Kennedy Center. [Kennedy Center]

  • Saturday, Feb. 28: The National Gallery of Art is screening In the City of Sylvia, about an artist looking for his long lost love in Strasbourg. Good luck, dude -- by now, she’s probably hooking up with some Australian study-abroad student. 3:30PM. [National Gallery of Art]
  • Saturday, Feb. 28: Video art party with live DJ performances and booze. 7:30PM at the Dissident Display Gallery. [Brightest Young Things]
  • If Disney made an episode of Sex and the City, you’d have the plot of the play A Dog in the Manger: a beautiful countess who has many aristocratic suitors to choose from ends up falling for her secretary, a sweet young thang who’s in desperate need of learning the ropes. Well, that sounds more like a porno. Until March 29, showtimes vary. [Shakespeare Theatre Company]
  • Roundheads and Peakheads is a thinly veiled story of genocide and class uprising, with weird hats. At the Atlas Performing Arts center, so you know what that means -- tickets are going to be cheap. Until Mar. 15, showtimes vary. [The Atlas]

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