Stress Tests Determine Which Banks Are Healthy Enough To Withstand Swine Flu

  • FEMA is taking back its temporary housing trailers from Hurricane Katrina victims even though it doesn't need the trailers and permanent housing construction projects aren't complete yet. [New York Times]
  • President Obama did not hold any prayer services at the White House during yesterday's National Day of Prayer, and as a result GOD SMOTE US ALL. [Los Angeles Times]
  • This swine flu virus is cookin' around the world, with 2300 cases logged and counting. [New York Times]
  • Big-time Hillary Clinton donor Norman Hsu, like many other high-profile financiers, got rich from running a ponzi scheme. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Toyota lost a mere $4.4 billion last year, which means they have a long way to go before they can compete with American companies losing easily that amount every quarter. [AFP]
  • Ken Lewis seemed to blame Bank of America's relatively poor showing on overly pessimistic "stress test" parameters, which is funny because many analysts found those same parameters rather on the optimistic side. [Bloomberg]

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