Strip Clubs On Fire

* "A gas fire destroyed most of a strip club just north of Georgetown early this morning, D.C. fire officials said, and an unrelated blaze in Bladensburg badly damaged a cocktail lounge." [WP]

* "Still, it's pretty fun to plug and chug common taxi rides to find out how much you can expect to pay once taxi meters are in place. For example, a metered ride from U and 13th Streets NW to the main drag on Mt. Pleasant Street calculates out at $6 in normal traffic -- a full $2.80 less than what drivers charge under the zone system." [DCist]

* "So, that $611,000,000 price cap on the stadium was, as expected, total bullshit." [why.i.hate.dc]

* "This moron, in addition to shilling for the AEI, works at a university, so he should be the first to know that universities tend to jump at opportunities to shed departments." [Countersignature]


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