Study: Dems Slightly Less Gullible & Misinformed Than GOP Voters

Even George W. Bush has given up pretending the Iraq occupation had anything to do with 9/11, but GOP voters refuse to follow Dubya's liberal "Blame America First" version of the "facts."

A full 65% of Republican voters still believe the White House's 2003 fabrication connecting Saddam Hussein to the hijacked-airliner attacks of 2001. Even more pathetic, 32% of Democrats and 39% of independent voters also believe Dick Cheney's cynical pre-war propaganda.

The new Zogby poll basically shows a nation of morons confused by everything and more than willing to support an American police state.

Really, can any other conclusions be drawn from these responses?

This country is doomed

Zogby Poll: 9/11 + 5 Reveals Dramatic Partisan Split [Zogby Interactive]

Seeing Through Rumsfeld's Fantasy [Miami Herald]


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