Study: Most Americans Gullible Idiots

Happy Labor Day, Cretins! - WonketteIn a country where a majority of people believe "God created humans in present form" (excellent work, God!) and can't find Iraq (or even New Orleans) on a map, it's hardly surprising that 61% of Americans strongly support the TSA's absurd ban on all carryon liquids and lotions except for sex lube.

Surprising? No. Sad? Well, it's hard to find a "bright side" to widespread retardation. Read the whole stupid thing ... after the jump.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans support the current ban of most liquids on airplanes, according to a new Harris Interactive poll, compared with about a third who feel it is unnecessary.

In a separate question, forty-eight percent of those polled said they think the current ban on bringing liquids onto airplanes should last as long as the government deems it necessary. Twenty-five percent said they think the ban should last indefinitely, while 20% said they think it should last for "a few months."

Asked why such a serious security plan should be dropped within "a few months," respondents agreed they wouldn't remember anything about the Liquid Terror by then, because of football season.

You won't be hearing it from Kyra Phillips, but the "London Terror Plot" was totally discredited within a week, the would-be "terrorists" didn't even have passports or airline tickets (let alone bombs), and the "Liquid Explosive" scheme as presented by U.K. and U.S. fear-mongers isn't actually possible.

Most Americans Support Ban Of Liquids on Airlines, Poll Shows [Wall Street Journal]

Questions raised over some terror plot charges [Chicago Tribune]

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