Study Reveals After You Die, You KNOW YOU ARE DEAD! (Applicable If You Are Jesus Only.) Tabs, Wed., Jan. 22, 2020


Lev Parnas is talking. So where is Igor Fruman, his onetime sidekick and fellow Giuliani associate? What a good question, Washington Post!

Joan Walsh runs through the women in the 2020 race, and how getting aggressive, or ambitious, or criticizing the men, or having plans, has knocked some of them out, one by one. Should you use one of your five The Nation clicks on it? Ayup!

Okay but this is hilarious: "On a good day, my wife likes me." -- Bernie Sanders

Getting that Trump smell out of the curtains? Elizabeth Warren has a plan for that!

Sorry to get Trump on you Greta :( Greta Thunberg calls for climate action in Davos, as Trump lashes out at 'prophets of doom' (WaPo)

*Nods wisely* "Donald Trump A Civil Rights Leader Says Geraldo Rivera" -- Daily Beast

The Saudi prince personally hacked Jeff Bezos's phone, like, personally. Hope there's nothing incriminating on his BFF Jared's! (Guardian)

Megs McCabe says NYT is a GARBAGE PUBLICATION because it noticed that she suxxxxx. (And also, like we did, that Elizabeth Warren ignored her to her face.) You know what we say:


How to convince a white realtor you're middle class. "Black people expend daily energy to counteract racial stereotypes and get fair treatment." Click, NYT. Click.

Meanwhile, the Oakland Moms are buying the empty-for-two-years house they expropriated. (Daily Beast)

Whooooaaaa Facebook, great job taking out a drop in an ocean of misinformation! "Together, Facebook's six partners have 26 full-time staff and fact-checked roughly 200 pieces of content per month." Yet somehow they manage to "fact-check" yr Wonkette! [The Hill, sorry]

Is the ERA DOA? WaPo says WaNOPE!

Save California's salmon, Gavin. If you need another reason besides MMMM SALMON, just think how much it will piss off Trump. (CalMatters)

Go fuck yourself, styrofoam coolers! Igloo making you out of wax and recycled paper now.

10 2020 predictions for sustainable energy from BNEF. (BNEF is Bloomberg.)

What you need to know about the new SARS-like virus. Thx Vox!

Also, you might get the flu twice this year.

Supreme Court to wait until after the election to rule Obamacare is ACTUAL SATAN. (Vox)

"Shan-Lyn Ma Is Here to Save Your Wedding: The cofounder and CEO of Zola is using tech to make your big day a little more joyful—and a lot less painful."The cofounder and CEO of Zola is using tech to make your big day a little more joyful—and a lot less painful." My wedding was perfect, so no thank you!

Which reminds me:

Told you Daily Beast is ALL TRUE CRIME. Also: CLICK. The JFK Mistress Gunned Down in Cold Blood.

A Jon McNaughton is coming! A Jon McNaughton is coming!

Bake some shit with frozen fruit? SHYYYY I WANT SHIT BAKED WITH FROZEN FRUIT. Start with the Peach-Apricot Cobbler and we'll go from there babe. (WaPo)

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