Stupidest Guest-Blogger On Internet Condemns Lazy Federal Workers And Their Wasteful Shutdown Vacation


You have to admit that Jim Hoft, the Stupidest Man on the Internet, knows how to pick his little helpers: guest blogger Andrea Ryan looked at the aftermath of the gummint shutdown andsaw only greedy federal employees with their hands out, and Congress throwing money at them:

Furloughed government workers just got two weeks of free paid time off. Now the taxpayers learn we’re, also, giving them a raise on January 1st. It’s amazing how generous politicians can be when it’s taxpayer Monopoly money.

Damn those money-grubbing federal "workers" and their high-living ways! So after not doing a lick of work for two weeks, they get back pay (at least, if they're lucky) and now they think they deserve a raise? The nerve of those people! After all, it's not like they had any bills to pay while they forced brave Republicans to shut down the government.

Ryan sneers at this Washington Post story -- after all who in their right mind thinks federal employees have any value?

The budget measure that ended the partial government shutdown allows for a 1 percent raise for federal employees in January in addition to providing back pay for those furloughed, according to two Democratic Maryland senators.

“The promise of a modest pay raise and back pay for furloughed government employees are good first steps in recognizing the value of federal workers,” said Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski, chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee in a joint statement with Sen. Ben Cardin.

And just to prove that government workers are lazy lazyheads, she adds:

Employees in the private sector spend an additional month working each year compared to those in the public sector. This is according to empirical data from researchers at the American Enterprise Institute and The Heritage Foundation.

So there you have it: America cannot possibly bear the cost of a 1% pay raise for mooching federal workers -- the first raise federal employees have had since 2010. But the $24 billion cost of a two-week shutdown, for the sake of making a point that wingnuts really, REALLY do not like Barack Obama? That was totally worth it.

[Gateway Pundit / WaPo]

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