Stupidest Man On The Internet Can't Accurately Read A 4th-Grade Library Book

We are unironically happy that Jim Hoft, the stupidest man on the internet, is back and healthy and blogging again, because he's an excellent source of completely ridiculous stufflike this:"Outrageous!… Common Core Book Teaches Children White Voters Rejected Obama Because of Race" Ohmigosh, are we back to the little children being forced to sing the praises of Dear Leader again? Let's see what horrible lies about White People are being spread in this book that innocent 4th-graders are having foisted upon them...

Fourth graders in Dupo Illinois are reading a biography of Barack Obama by author Jane Sutcliffe. The book teaches children that white voters rejected Obama because of race.

What absolute BS.

Oh, does it? Let's see, here:

“But some people said Americans weren’t ready for that much change. Sure Barack was a nice fellow, they said. But white voters would never vote for a black president. Other angry voices were raised. Barack’s former pastor called the country a failure. God would damn the United States for mistreating its black citizens, he said."Emphasis added by Hoft -- Dok Zoom]

Yep, that very clearly says that white people rejected Barack Obama because of race. You'd think that Sutcliffe's use of past tense makes it clear: some people said, before he ran, that white people wouldn't vote for Obama, because of race. This is not a post-election analysis saying that white people didn't vote for Obama because of race. Verb tense is such a difficult thing. Once again, Gateway Pundit doesn't seem to understand how the English language works. Is simple literacy really that hard, guys?

For chrissakes, the book even includes Jeremiah Wright's "god damn America" -- as an example of an "angry voice," even, but who knows, maybe just mentioning it means Sutcliffe agrees -- or maybe it's a cover-up, since Sutcliffe should have said that Barack Obama sat next to Wright's elbow, nodding at each word he said and shouting out "I agree with you!" Probably that.

And while Hoft dutifully reproduces a photo of the offending page that some Illinois moms are freaking out about (and really, whoever took the photo should have cleaned their fingernails before putting it out there for the world to see), none of the butthurt articles about the book seem to mention the next paragraph:

Barack decided it was time to speak to Americans about race. The country's history of slavery had left the nation in pain, he said. Black people and while were too often angry with one another. All people were going to have to work together to solve the country's problems. Only in that way could Americans make a more perfect United States

Yep, look at all that terrible race-baiting and bullshit. Doesn't Jane Sutcliffe know that nothing can get better until black people stop whining all the time about slavery?

And of course, calling this is a "Common Core Book" is yet another ridiculous half-truth -- as Hoft copypastes from his source, book is indeed "part of Scholastic's 'Reading Counts' program acceptable to the controversial Common Core curriculum standards," but all that means is that it meets some very general guidelines for vocabulary and complexity for the grade level, not, as is implied, that children will have pro-Obama propaganda crammed down their throats. But that's just another of those slimy liberal "nuances," like the difference between "some people said...white voters would never vote for a black president" and "white voters rejected Obama because of race."

Or the difference between "never happened" and "didn't happen the way I interpreted it." #PAYUP, motherfucker.

[Gateway Pundit]

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