Stupidity Shocker: Only 10% Of Voters Think Obama's Muslim

Guess who's coming to Ramadan? Oh, I guess not him.Only one in ten voters thinks Barack Obama is a Muslim, according to a new poll that is kind of encouraging. We figured the number would be closer to 70%, because this is a nation of imbeciles. As we're pretty sure the "Barry Hussein's a Muslim" demographic is unlikely to vote for a black man anyway, the Obama campaign can probably write this news off as an Improbable Victory and get back to shaming Hillary out of the race by saying it's okay if she stays in the race.

"Conservatives, less educated voters and white evangelical Protestants are likelier to believe Obama is Muslim, as are people from the South, the Midwest and rural areas, the poll showed."

No fucking kidding.

Poll: 1 in 10 voters think Obama is Muslim [Atlanta Journal Constitution]


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