Stylish Witness, Vulgar Blogger

A Wonkette operative reports that the stylish shoe we observed today "most likely belongs to one of the family members of

a victim of 9-11." Should we feel bad? We've thought about it, and we're not going to apologize: Of course we knew that 9/11 family members were in the gallery. That was obvious. The question is, who were they, where were they sitting, and if we should maybe be more careful about writing dumb cross-dressing jokes. (Don't answer that.)

As for that well-dressed witness, our operative has further thoughts:

    As you have inferred from the style and cut of the shoe in question, many of them are not from Washington. Indeed, one bereaved mother who's been attending the hearings carries a classic woven Bottega Veneta purse and wore a chic Prada three-quarter sleeve jacket to hear Richard Clarke's testimony. No matter how composed she may have looked on the outside, though, she found some of the hearings very upsetting, having lost her daughter in the attack. After Condi Rice's testimony, she looked like she was going to cry. Your shoe-dangler may simply be working off some similar nervous energy while revisiting unpleasant memories.

Hot Shoes on the Hearing Floor [Wonkette]

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