Sucks To Be You, Virginia and Maryland and D.C.

* "Some folks were apparently unaware that Virginia's Republican and Democratic primaries are being held Feb. 12, a week from today, along with Maryland and D.C.." [DCist]

* "People are shuffling around, not making eye contact, as I prance around shirtless, my body painted green, purple and silver, the only person enjoying the significance of this day. Bethesda -- I ask -- what gives?" [Metroblogging DC]

* "Yesterday was, apparently, the first day of the weekly taxi cab strike. Next week drivers will strike on Tuesday. The next week on Wednesday." [why.i.hate.dc]

* "This 'hyperculture' encompasses a wide range of expression -- from the wizardry of robots and the dazzling action of anime to the hypnotic movement of butoh and the propulsive energy of taiko." [Brightest Young Things]

* "Tuesday is hogging all the attention this week being both Fat and 'Super.' What about lil' old Thursday? It's the start of the Chinese New Year." [Metrocurean]


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