Suddenly Senate Republicans Heart Earmarks


Ha ha, remember when the 2009 budget bill passed and every single Republican on the face of the planet was OUTRAGED because of earmarks? (Well, mostly just John McCain.) Now thetables have turned and they love the shit out of earmarks, all of them, which is why they refused to support legislation banning these dumb things!

Frigging Senate, all they ever talk about or vote on is earmarks.

Lawmakers voted 68-29 against an amendment by Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., to impose a one-year moratorium on earmarks. Twenty-four fellow Republicans voted for DeMint's measure, while 15 GOP senators voted against it.

You see, one year ago, earmarks were terribly corrupt bribes that sullied the Honor of the American budget with porkulous handouts to local Boll Weevil Museums and the like. But today, earmarks are a valuable way for lawmakers to keep money out of President Obama's (ACORN's) filthy paws.

And this is why even a one-year suspension of earmarks would spell RUIN for our nation, the end.

One-year freeze on earmarks fails in Senate, splits GOP [McClatchy]


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