Sugar-Fortified Wine, Horrible Corporate Anthems, Sideboob And More In Today's Happy Links


It's probably time for you to stop working and start dicking around on the Internet, so here are some Happy links to help you do just that.

We told you about the recursive tech nightmare that is a crowdfunding site raising money via crowdfunding, which was bound to happen sooner or later.

We surveyed the landscape of bad liquor to figure out which almost-but-not-quite wine-like product was the sugariest and the best at getting us drunk.

To make up for the bad liquor, we taught you how to make some really excellent deviled eggs, which you will totally make for Easter now.

Apparently, some people (coughMILLENNIALScough) think it is totally cool for your boss to call your mom to chat about your job.

We watched the most awful corporate anthem singalong, "Let's Get Social" and felt awful for the people that recorded it, even though we totally laughed at them anyway.

And like Jesus by your side, there's always sideboob.


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