Summer Smoothies, Tori Spelling, Adult Swim And A Bunch Of Other Happy Links


Have you read all the Happy Nice Time things you need to read today? Probably not! Let's rectify that.

Are you ready to make smoothies this summer? Now you are! (Hint, goes better with rum.)

Stephen Colbert covered some lesbian three-way action. Clicky clicky!

We watched Nashville and there was SO MUCH Scarlett and SO NOT MUCH singing.

Adult Swim mashed up racist fuckwit Donald Sterling with Seinfeld and it worked surprisingly well.

We investigated Jezebel's investigation -- scratch that -- Jezebel's SHOCKING EXPOSE that the Tori Spelling reality teevee show might be staged.

Nancy Grace is selling tiny handcuff bracelets, which are just perfect to remind Mom of child abuse on that special Mother's Day.

We sang a song of everlasting devotion to Silicon Valley's Jared.

Fox News does not want their science guests to talk about climate change, so we made a helpful list of science-ish topics they are allowed to talk about.

Sideboob forever and ever.


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