Summer's Best Indoor Activity

As a result of yesterday's forecasted storm that had the potential to cancel Screen on the Green (it didn't -- doesn't know shit), we've got a new rule: unless the sky is pure blue, we're advocating for indoor activities only.  A great indoor activity that you can't go wrong with? Drinking. And in these trying times, one must be able to get the most bang for one's buck.  Enter the open bar.

This fine invention allows you to drink, drink, and drink until, well, the open bar ends and you can move on to another establishment. Think of it as the best pregame you will ever have. Check out open bars at:

  • DC9: On Friday nights they host their "Liberation Dance Party" complete with rock/electric/hip-hop music and an open bar from 9-10:30PM for just $6.
  • K Street Lounge: It's a rather swanky place, so this means no flip flops and try your best to be as pretentious as possible. Their open bars vary, but they often offer them on Fridays from 6-7PM, and on Saturdays -- for women only -- from 10-11PM. If interested check their website, as you often need to RSVP and get on their guest list to get in for free.
  • Eyebar: Similar to K Street Lounge, this bar is known to attract a upscale crowd. It has two floors with each offering a different type of music for dancing, as well as a rooftop bar. The open bar is on weekends from 10-11PM. Also check their website and RSVP to get in for free.
  • Lima Restaurant and Lounge: Lima offers the perfect opportunity for women to 1) get drunk and 2) learn to salsa dance -- what more could you ask for? On Mondays, FREE lessons start at 9PM, and they offer an open bar for women from 9-10PM.
  • Ultra Bar: This bar boasts attractive bartenders, four great dance floors, and all around fun nightclub experience. They offer an open bar from 9-10PM on the weekend, though there is often a pretty hefty cover.
  • My Brother's Place: Arguably one of the best dive bars in the city, they offer all-you-can-drink specials Saturday nights for $15.
  • Embassy Suites: We assume this is reserved for hotel guests only, but they do offer an open bar at their nightly Manager's Reception...

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