Happy Super Sportsball Sunday! Go read the Times's one million pages of regular sports coverage AND thinkpieces about the Super Bowl! Or don't. Go read about Chris Christie! Or just read what we wrote about Christie already. Definitely read the Dylan Farrow letter from yesterday and then promptly go fight with everyone on the internet about it.

Look, we are not going to fight with everyone on the internet about it, which is weird, because we generally like that sort of thing! But on the real, there is nothing to say about this except that it is ineffably sad that all this has to play out in the public eye and that one million people now have to claim Dylan Farrow as their own and "congratulate" her on coming forward and one million other people have to write dudebro thinky things about how it is probably not true because Woody Allen once made Annie Hall and really shut the fuck up everyone and stop making some family's tragedy your very favorite new thing to fight about on the internet. That is all.

Onwards and upwards to the rest of our beloved Sunday NYT.



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