Today's Times is lighter on coverage of the Michael Dunn trial than we had hoped. There's only a dispassionate bit that so dryly recounts the inexplicable verdict -- guilty on attempted murder charges of the kids he didn't kill, but not guilty of murdering the one he did -- it isn't even worth quoting here. We weighed in on this matter yesterday, and don't have much to add at this point except to send another hearty "fuck you" to a jury that couldn't bring themselves to admit that Michael Dunn just fucking murdered Jordan Davis in cold blood, but were also such cretinously vain creatures that they didn't want history to look upon them poorly, so they found Dunn guilty of something else entirely. Hope you never sleep well again, fuckers.

Let's somewhat soothe our really legitimately angry savage inner beast by flipping on over to read chef Marcus Samuelsson's piece on Harlem, where his famous Red Rooster Harlem restaurant is located. Samuelsson's piece is a lovely little epistle to the place he loves -- the food, the heritage, the vibrancy, and the longstanding tradition of people helping each other -- and you should read it. The piece isn't only pretty words about a pretty place, though, and reminds us that people still have some bullshit ideas (we said it would only somewhat soothe you, people) about "good" places to live.



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