Sunday Bloody NYT Sunday: Special Scaling New Heights Of Wedding Absurdity Edition


OK, before you do anything else today and before we really delve into today's New York Times, go read the single most terribawesome wedding/celebration article the NYT has ever written. We'll wait right here. Done? What was your favorite part? Was it the part where she had "Ophelia-like boots" back in the 1990s? (We do not even know what that means.) Was it the fact that the bride will just "hop on a plane to Bahrain or wherever just to visit somebody" LIKE WE ALL DO? Was it the fact that dude loved her from afar for 20 years and asked her to marry him on what was basically their first grown up date? Was it the fact that the bride has a sister who is a milliner in Beijing? How about the part where they spent their wedding night in "a tent lined with Indian saris in a bamboo grove on the Koch property" so they could be close to nature? Naw, it is probably that they believe they are stardust creatures like Woodstock or whatevs. Or maybe the fact that they LITERALLY PUT A BIRD ON IT by having "two interlocked starlings that adorned the bride’s head."

[Malware at Happy; Link blocked for now]


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