Hello, Wonks and Welcome to Sunday Show Roundup. There was plenty to talk about, so let's dig right in.

We begin with US senator from Louisiana and middle school name-caller John Kennedy.

Shown here demonstrating his Republican donation technique

Appearing on "Fox News Sunday," Kennedy had objections to the recently revealed accusation that Brett Kavanaugh is not just a perjurer but an (alleged) sexual assaulter as well:

KENNEDY: It supposedly was put together with the help of Stanford Law School. The lady in the letter says that 35 years ago, when she was a teenager, and Judge Kavanaugh was a teenager, he allegedly made sexual advances against her at a party. Now, Kavanaugh denies it. The only other person in the room denies it. Senator Feinstein has had the letter since July. For three months she's said nothing. Nothing. Zero. Nada. Zilch. She didn't say anything in the confirmation hearing. She didn't say anything in our -- in our confidential session with Judge Kavanaugh when the senators and the nominee met privately. And now, after it's all over, she produces the letter. I think, Chris, in my opinion, most Americans are looking at this -- most mainstream Americans -- and they're thinking that Congress has hit rock bottom and started to dig. And -- and I have been embarrassed by the whole process. And, frankly, I'm -- no disrespect to Senator Feinstein or to Stanford Law School, but I'm a little bit offended. I sit on Judiciary Committee. They've had this -- this stuff for -- for three months. If they were serious about it, they -- they -- they should have told us about it.

Kennedy might have had a point if it weren't for the fact that Republicans on the Judiciary Committee, of which he is a member, were trying to rush a Supreme Court nominee without fully vetting him. During the confirmation hearings, Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont said about 4% of Kavanaugh's White House records have been posted for the public to view and about 7% have been made available to the committee. That is minuscule in comparison to the 99% of Justice Elena Kagan's records that were made public from her years at the White House. So if Republican senators don't want to be "surprised," it would help if they made the full records available BEFORE the confirmation hearings.

Also, Senator Kennedy, her name is Christine Blasey Ford. And she's a goddamn American hero.
Speaking of pretending that they are clueless, let's check in with Maine Senator and perpetually perplexed Katherine Hepburn voice impersonator Susan Collins. She was "obviously very surprised" and had "nothing to add at this point" while quickly trying to speed walk out of the airport. Or as we like to call it around Wonkette Headquarters, Susan Collins's default factory settings.
Seems the only time that Senator Collins has a definitive answer is when it comes to accusations made against former senator Al Franken or when she realizes that people can exercise THEIR speech to fund opposition for her in her next re-election if she votes to confirm Kavanaugh. Funny how democracy works when people other than your usual donors can contribute. Of course others like Senator Lindsey Buckingham Graham have made it apparent that before they push Kavanaugh through, they'd like to first destroy the victim:

Meanwhile, the GOP talking point about how conveeeeenient it is that Ms. Ford's accusation is only coming out now has already been debunked by Washington Post reporter Emma Brown, who says Ford first came forward to her "in early July" BEFORE he had been announced as President Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

Burn up the Senate hotlines and do what you can to stop Kavanaugh! Counting on you, Wonks!! Have a week!

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