Super Awesome Cool Guy Arms Pre-Teen Son And Self For Fun-Times Trip To Airport, What Could Go Wrong?


Some total fucking asshole armed his 12-year-old son with a semi-automatic pistol, and himself with what witnesses described as an assault rifle, for a fun and peaceful good will to men not at all threatening and shitbirdy trip to the Phoenix airport. Mr. Big Brave Manly Macho claimed he'd brought the guns because he was askeered for his safety. You know who else was scared for their safety? Everyone who saw you and your son, who should probably be sent to live with Bristol Palin or Levi Johnston as a better alternative to you.

“The vibe that I received from them was that they were rather smug about what they were doing that they knew the law. They knew what they could and could not do,” the woman who witnessed the incident explained.

Of course they were. Have you met these fucking weasels?

Phoenix police say even though it may not be the most common sense approach to guns, they do have the right to carry them in public areas even in an airport.

Oh, DO THEY? Do they have a right to carry guns in unsecured areas of the airport? DO WE REALLY?

Sure, why not! It's all fun and games till a "lone wolf" kills a TSA agent because Janet Napolitano's a dyke. Go fuck yourself you "patriot" piece of shit.

[ABC15, via RawStory]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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