Super Gay Super Nice Time: Principal Comes Out To Students, Irritates Westboro Church To No End


Welcome to June! June is the most homosexxican month ever, thanks to Stonewall actually factually having happened at the end of the month and all, so there is much Gay Proudness throughout the entire 30-day span. Thankfully, that affords us many opportunities for nice time, and we need some fucking nice time. Washington D.C.'s Wilson High School brought us some gay-flavored nice time yesterday, when their school principal came out to his students during their Gay Pride Day celebration.

Wilson High School Principal Pete Cahall came out to his students as gay at a school-wide Pride Day event Wednesday, shaking as he said that he had “hid in the shadows for the last 50 years” but was inspired by his students to declare his sexual orientation openly.

“I want to say publicly for the first time because of your leadership, care and support that I am a proud gay man who just happens to be the principal of Wilson High School,” he said in the packed atrium at the D.C. school, flanked by Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) and David Catania (I), the D.C. Council’s first openly gay member.

Seriously, fuck you you stone-hearted motherfucker if you do not tear up a little bit watching that video of Cahall coming out. He's a big beefy ex-athlete sort of dude that looks like he should be telling you to run laps or walk it off or something. He's shaking so hard he can barely hold the pages of his speech. He stumbles dorkily over quoting Lady Gaga. You can tell there's about five points during the speech that he thinks "maybe I shouldn't do this" but he does it, and it's beautiful.

Almost as awesome as the actual coming out is the confused joy some of the students took from the event.

“I feel really proud of him, even though obviously he’s an adult,” said Marla Solow, 16, a junior who helped organize the Pride event.

No idea if that means that she feels proud of him in spite of the fact that he's a hated grown-up or that she feels proud of him even though he doesn't need her pride because he is that most foreign of all creatures, an adult, but either way, bravo Ms. Solow.

This story would be the nicest by itself, but it's made all the nicer by the fact that this whole thing serves as an extra dollop of fuck you to the Westboro Baptist cretins.

Westboro Baptist Church, the Kansas-based organization best known for anti-gay picketing at military funerals, announced that it would protest Wilson’s Pride Day, though that protest is scheduled for next week, on Monday. Westboro announced plans to protest at other Washington institutions that the church believes have been too supportive of gay marriage, including the Supreme Court, the White House and Capitol Hill.

Oh, bring it on, fuckers, bring it on. When even beefy dorky principals are not afraid to come out, you've pretty much lost the American mainstream to the gays. We hope you all like your mandatory gay marriage.


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