Super-Serious Somalian Synopsis

somalia_map.jpgOK, a guilty admission on our part: this site has never been known for being a hotbed of intelligent analysis of the day's events re: "all things political", so much as being a hotbed of who's bedding Washington hotties (The answer? Me, of course. A sex-laced shout-out to Nicole W. in Rep. Jan Schakowsky's office (D-IL). See you tonight, babe!). With that in mind, then, we thought we'd take a stab at being solemn, as opposed to sex-obsessed. Ain't that noble? Here goes.

East Africa, it seems, is on the verge of crisis. According to today's Guardian (UK), the Food Security Analysis Unit, an agency working on behalf of international aid agencies is now warning that the region "could be on the brink of catastrophe as food stocks in Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Burundi, Eritrea and Tanzania also dwindle."

Kenya's president has appealed for


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