Super Smart Kansas GOP Senator Does Not Know The Difference Between Yes And No


You guys, voting on things is HARD. That must be why the Supreme Court chose to effectively ensure that a whole bunch o' people have a really difficult time voting. Perhaps the Supremes might consider restricting the franchise for Congresscritters, because apparently they've got no idea how to do the damn thing:

Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) accidentally voted “yes” on the comprehensive immigration reform bill Thursday before correcting his mistake...

The Senate conducted a rare seated vote where senators have to sit at their desks and immediately declare their vote when the clerk calls their name.

They have to IMMEDIATELY DECLARE people! Who can deal with that sort of pressure? It isn't like a sitting Senator needs to understand the intricacies of voting on things OH WAIT YES THEY DO THAT IS THEIR WHOLE JOB.

Who fixed everything for this dude? Old Handsome Joe, of course:

Vice President Joe Biden was presiding over the Senate and reassured Moran that he was recorded as opposed to the immigration reform bill..

What's next for this world-beater supergenius?

Moran is chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which is charged with electing a Republican majority to the Senate in 2014.

We'd sardonically wish you good luck with that effort, Mr. Moran, but we're afraid that since the GOP will be able to redistrict and Voter ID Democratic voters out of existence you might likely succeed. Make sure you work on learning the difference between "yes" and "no" in the meantime, OK? It will likely come in handy with that whole voting thing.

[The Hill]


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