Super Snooze Day

  • If JFK was such a great president, why didn't he do like a million more wonderful things before he got his brains blasted across the backseat of a convertible in Dallas, huh? [Interesting Times]
  • We have a sense these polls might be meaningless. [Wizbang Politics]
  • Wait, CIA Director Hayden, your candid admission that the US does torture seems to fly in the face of everything you've previously said on the issue. Think you'll try and explain that, or, you know, just be all whatever about it? [Monsters and Critics]
  • Guess who Barry Obama voted for. JUST GUESS! [Ben Smith]
  • Don't be fooled by the shrewd campaigns being run by perplexingly strong candidates; the Democrats are headed for a total fucking meltdown.[Captain's Quarters]
  • Bob Dole is an asshole. John McCain is just like Bob Dole. Who we love. [Political Radar]
  • Mike Gravel isn't really giving this his all anymore. [Reason]
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