Super Tuesday Supertacular

  • Oh hey did you know today is a day called Awesome Tuesday, in which citizens of 24 states celebrate the birthday of that gal on the Matthew Sweet album cover by voting for which American leader should be waterboarded on Charlie Rose? [New York Times]
  • Officials are bracing for peril, disaster, and a cavalcade of fuck-uppery at the polls because this is America, dammit. [New York Times]
  • Character is important this time, so look for the ghoul to triumph over the robot -- on the Republican side, at least. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The California Democratic race is going to be a squeaker, which of course the Clinton people knew all along. [LA Times]
  • The Arizona real estate boom goes pffft. Too bad that state doesn't have a forceful advocate in Congress! [Washington Post]

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