Superest Tuesday Ever

  • Ha ha ha after railing all last week against the hackers who got into Sarah Palin's email, Bill O'Reilly discovered that his own personal web site had been hacked, out of spite. [InternetNews]
  • The NYT demonstrates once again how it's in the tank for Obama by lowering expectations about his upcoming debate performance. [New York Times]
  • Ted Stevens' upcoming corruption trial will feature key evidence like a phone recording of an associate saying, "Ted gets hysterical when he has to spend his own money." [Los Angeles Times]
  • Large banks will probably start buying up smaller regional banks now because they need them sweet sweet deposits. [Bloomberg]
  • Nobody liked the bailout plan that the Treasury department came out with, and Democrats are pushing for stronger oversight and curbs on executive compensation. It looks like they're making progress toward a compromise. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Polling news shocker: More voters are concerned about the economy these days. [Washington Post]

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