Superficial Thoughts on the Rice-o-Rama

Earlier, we heard Condi's testimony today compared to a "sporting event," which at first seemed like an apt metaphor if one was a big curling fan. But it's about half-time -- and now we're thinking "Superbowl." Bob Kerrey's grilling of Condi is clearly the congressional hearing equivalent of a nipple shot: The most Tivo'd moment of the hearings, rebroadcast every 15 minutes or so, and it will probably get Tom Daschle hard.

Where's the FCC when you need them?

Other thoughts:

If our nation's defenses were as secure as Condi's coif, she would not be there today.

We would be happy to be Jamie Gorelick's bitch any time.

"Shaking the trees" is the new "hair on fire."


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