Support the Troops, Send Them Your Daughters

You know what we're excited about? Another couple hours of debate on that Iraq resolution in the House. You know the one. The "America Roolz, Terror Droolz Bill" or whatever. Salon's Michael Scherer chatted with a couple lawmakers about the bill, which is apparently just as popular among war-weary Republicans as it is among most Democrats. Take, for example, Walter Jones (R-NC), the guy who coined the term "freedom fries" (now there's a legacy we wouldn't wish on anyone). Representative Jones invited Scherer into his office to chat about his misgivings about the war, and share the thoughts of soldiers whose opinions he'd solicited. Jones read an email from an Army captain quoting one of those soldiers:

"Tell all those assholes in D.C. to get us the f--- out of here. This is bullshit," Jones said, reading from the e-mail, but choosing not to pronounce the f-word in full. "Either that or tell them to tell Bush to send over the twins. They can bunk with me. That would be useful."

Now there's a resolution that a bipartisan consensus could be built around.

Resolved: America great! Bin Laden evil! Go Bush! [Salon]


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