Supreme Court Finally Agrees To Dismantle Obamacare Next Year


Only Doktor Paul can save America's health now, by killing it.Barack Obama's weak-sauce health care legislation does a couple of good things but completely evaded the whole issue he campaigned on, which is health care for all Americans. But even a couple of regulations -- such as health care executives no longer being allowed to perform Satanic rituals on the fresh corpses of children denied coverage -- might not be covered explicitly in the pro-slavery Constitution of the late 1700s. And that's why the Supreme Court has finally agreed to wage war on Obamacare, probably in March of next year. Will the "pro-American" Supreme Court majority agree to ban health care completely? It's an important election-year political battle, so if you've got a pre-existing condition you should try hard not to die before then, because politics is interesting!

Reuters reports:

The Supreme Court agreed on Monday to decide the fate of President Barack Obama's healthcare law, with an election-year ruling due by July on the healthcare system's biggest overhaul in nearly 50 years.

The decision had been widely expected since late September, when the Obama administration asked the nation's highest court to uphold the centerpiece insurance provision and 26 states separately asked that the entire law be struck down.

Because the biggest provisions of the law don't take effect until 2014, the Supreme Court's fringe-right multimillionaires have a rare chance to completely erase the whole "Obamacare" fiasco before it actually happens! [Reuters]


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