• What will "blogger" mean in five years? Will "blogger" still be synonymous with "unemployed," or will it have other meanings, like "someone who enjoys sex with dead people" or "a derogatory term for homosexuals"? Or both? Find out! In five years. [Matt Yglesias]

  • Jonah Goldberg rightly points out that the Secret Service is not at all concerned about wackos tromping around town hall meetings with assault rifles and ammo belts slung over their shoulders. See: Animal Mother. [The Corner]

  • It's happening TODAY! Today, the White House will be graced by both Mama and Papa Clinton. Bill, Hillary, and Barack, in the same room! It's the Holy Trinity -- like David Vitter, an adult diaper, and a strumpet. This is how magic happens, ladies and gentlemen. [The Caucus]

  • Justice Scalia gives some wise end-of-life counseling to a whiny death row inmate, who is "actually" innocent: Die. [Think Progress]

  • Do you trust Obama‚Äôs slum lords? Of course we do, Michelle. With our lives. [Michelle Malkin]


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