Supreme Court: Ready For Its Close-up

The Supreme Court is hearing the Ten Commandments lawsuit this Wednesday, which we find unbearably exciting. We'd kill to hear the twisted arguments that'll go on over this business. The best part of the lawsuit? The matter of debate -- six-foot granite versions of the Ten Commandments that are hosted on goverment property -- are actually remnants of a movie promotional campaign, supported by "Ten Commandments" director Cecil B. DeMille. Isn't that reason enough to have them removed from courthouses—isn't it bad enough that the Red commie gay Jew liberal mafia of Hollywood has the eyeballs of our children, they also get free advertising to our felons? What if Roman Polanski had sent out towering marble inscriptions of Leviticus 12:5-8 to promote "Rosemary's Baby"? What about something punchy from Revelations from Roland Emmerich for "The Day After Tomorrow"? We know those Hollywood types are figuring out what advertising message they can get embroidered over Sandra Day O'Connor's chest right now.

The Ten Commandments Reach the Supreme Court [NYT]


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