Supreme Court Ruins Rick Perry's Murder Train Party Fun Time


Texas pays a cushy full-time salary to a sociopathic weirdo who wears a shellacked feather boa toupee around on his head all the time to make sure Texas executes as many of its citizens as possible, and normally this guy, Rick Perry, he is the best state murder party planner in the country. NOT TODAY! The United States Supreme Court of Ruining the Fun ordered Texas to stay the execution of one of its black citizens, all because Texas gave him the death penalty specifically for being black. Uh, that is the point?

From the AP:

The [U.S. Supreme Court] on Thursday halted the execution for Duane Buck, 48, two hours into a six-hour window when he could have been taken to the death chamber. Texas officials, however, did not move forward with the punishment while legal issues were pending.

Buck was sentenced to death for the fatal shootings of his ex-girlfriend and a man in her apartment in July 1995. His attorneys had asked both the Supreme Court and Texas Gov. Rick Perry to halt the execution because of a psychologist's testimony that black people were more likely to commit violence. Buck's guilt is not being questioned, but his lawyers contend the testimony unfairly influenced the jury and Buck should receive a new sentencing hearing.

Rick "the state of Texas has a very thoughtful, very clear process in place for executing people" Perry was in Iowa this whole time all set to ignore the requests of this guy's lawyers, just like his job description requires him to. Don't look at him on this one. [AP]


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