Surge Overkill

Hooray for the Troop Surge! The President gets to suggest a new initiative, same as the old initiative, in order to make the Democrats look obstructionist and destroy their "100 Hours of Awesome." Meanwhile, John McCain gets to rage against his eventual opponents, and when we're still losing in 2008, he and the outgoing Administration get to point to early 2007 as our wasted last chance.

Really, the worst thing thing that could happen for our President and eventual President WALNUTS! is that Joe Biden and his "it's unconstitutional for me and the Senate to exercise our constitutional authority to direct the military during wartime" faction win out and let Bush send 20,000 more soldiers to escalate the war against a standing army with more popular Iraqi support than the elected government, let alone the occupying foreign forces. And, should that happen, we can all rest easy knowing that idiot inexperienced ultra-conservative "academics" are still in charge of military strategy:

Mr. Crouch, who once led graduate students on hikes, now aims to chart a new path to stabilize Iraq.

Is it too late for us to enroll at Liberty University? We could use a government gig with good benefits that requires less intellectual heft than making fun of headlines all day.

Crafting an Iraq Plan [WSJ]

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Democrats Split Over Iraq Approach [NYT]


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