Surprise! Mike Huckabee Part Of Democrat Conspiracy To Make Obama Impeach Himself


We have some BREAKING NEWS to report on the developing story of the vast left-wing conspiracy "scam" to force Republicans to talk about impeaching President Obama even though they do NOT want to talk about that at all, no sir. Seriously, they don't want to talk about it. They really don't want to talk about it. Truly, you cannot find a single Republican who wants to talk about impeaching the president. And yet, when asked on Monday whether Mike Huckabee, who supposedly is a Republican, believes the president is "worthy of impeachment," the Huck did not say, "Don't be ridiculous, that's absurd, come ON, man." Which is what you'd think a so-called Republican would say when asked about impeaching the president, since NO Republicans actually want to impeach the president, wink wink nudge nudge say no more. But, strangely, the Huck did not say that. Instead:

Absolutely. There’s no doubt that he has done plenty of things worthy of impeachment.

Of course Huckabee then tried to have his cake and shove it in his facehole too, just like all the other Republicans who don't want to talk about impeaching the president.

Now, the fact is, we don't have the Senate, so even if you impeached him in the House, and it went to trial in the Senate, it would never even get to the floor because Harry Reid has been sitting on 357 pieces of legislation passed by the House Republicans, so from a governmental standpoint, you're not going to see it accomplished with this Senate.

But I think it’s an important argument to make, that there are a number of things that this president has done in the overuse of an executive power, his complete ignoring of the law, even his own law.

Damn you, Harry Reid! If it weren't for those pesky Democrats controlling the Senate because of how voters elected them to do that, Republicans would be able to have their impeachmentpalooza that they totally do not want to have. And yes, that whole "if it weren't for the Senate" argument should sound familiar to you because it's the argument every single Republican who does not want to talk about impeachment uses to talk about impeachment while pretending they do not really want to talk about impeachment, even though they have every justification in the world to impeach the president, OBVIOUSLY.

Oh hey, here's a recent example from one our favorite totally-not-nuts Republicans, Michele Bachmann (please run for president in 2016, Michele, pretty please, we are #ReadyAsFuckForMichele):

"I don't think that John Boehner is going to bring about impeachment, which I understand, because what we really need is to remove Barack Obama from office, and the Senate has the power to remove the president, not the House," Bachmann told activists on a call last Tuesday hosted by the anti-immigration group NumbersUSA. "The Senate is not going to remove him. So all we would do is effectively make the president a political martyr by impeaching him."

Huh, that almost sounds reasonable, doesn't it? She does not want to impeach the president after all because that would be dumb, and again, the pesky Senate would never let it happen. So instead, she would like to impeach everyone who works for him, like Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson.

"I think that we need to have a hearing, and we need to, if need be, bring about articles of impeachment and tell the president that if you issue these work permits, we are going to hold the person accountable who is going to execute your lawless law, and we will bring that person up for betrayal of public trust and we'll impeach that official."

Yes, that's far more reasonabler. Reid would never allow the Senate to waste its time trying the president for the high crimes and misdemeanors of being president, but he would totes be down for wasting time impeaching the whole cabinet -- heck, the whole administration, maybe even the whole Democratic Party! -- instead.

Oh, and that whole thing where everyone says the GOP is going to take the Senate in the midterms? Totally irrelevant to a Democratic Senate staving off impeachment, because "reason" and also LOOK OVER THERE!

[RightWingWatch/Mother Jones]

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