Surprise, Senator David Vitter Being A Dick

GuestbloggerDDM here, again, to splain how Sen. Vitter is being a total dick.  Sometimes Congresscritters, because of their nature, decide to be total dicks, just for funzies. Since 2011, the GOP has found a secret stash of dickatude, so they are busily being dicks all over the place. Let’s explore one example: Sen. Vitter (R-RedLight District) is either a very inquisitive man (unlikely) or is being an obstructionist dickhole to Pres. Obama’s EPA nominee Gina McCarthy.

Now we all know that when a Republican President signed the bill to create the EPA back in 1970, it was clearly intended to be a front for liberal activists to ruin all businesses everywhere to make sure that owls could keep people awake at night, right?

Well, Sen. Vitter, who does not at all wear diapers when he has sexytime with the pros, has decided to make it his personal mission to be the mouthpiece of every nemesis of Captain Planet by doing everything he can possibly do to stop this woman from being confirmed as head of the EPA. It is a good thing we do not need the environment anymore!

Because of the separation of powers, King and Emperor No-bummer must ask the Senate for permission to appoint people to head his various agencies. Once Bamz picks who he wants, that person must be voted on by a Senate Committee, then voted on by the full Senate. (Because the framers of the Constitution foresaw the complete assholery of the House of Representatives, they wisely said ‘fuck those guys,’ and gave the job just to the Senate.)

In this case, Ms. McCarthy’s nomination is before the Environmental and Public Works Committee. Before the Committee has their hearing, each Senator can submit questions to the nominee, which is basically a chance to try to get someone to make a typo and play gotcha!  When Pres. Bush nominated some guy to be head of the EPA, that man had to answer 283 questions.  Seems like a lot, huh?

This time around, the nominee has to answer ONE THOUSAND AND SEVENTY-NINE questions! And guess who submitted more than half? Our favorite not-baby fetishist Sen. Vitter, who asked 653 questions.

When asked about this, his staff said with a straight face that this was not about harassing the nominee. Really?!? Who the fuck believes that garbage, and who asks a dumbass question like that? OF COURSE it was to harass the nominee!! David Vitter doesn’t give a shit about the answers to those questions. Who thinks David Vitter is up at night reading the answers to all these questions? He’s off at a prayer group or not-fucking call girls or something, thankyouverymuch.

And then, as if asking 650+ questions wasn’t enough of a dick move, when the Committee decided to hold a vote, Sen. Vitter, and all his GOP scaredy-cat companions on the committee, straight up skipped the hearing.  Because of some obscure committee quorum rule, the Dems couldn’t just vote her through the Committee.

If you are gonna ask a girl 653 questions, at least have the ballz to show up and listen to her answers! That’s no way to treat a lady, Sen. Diaperman.

Anyway, now Sen. Boxer (D-Not Feinstein) is trying to reschedule the vote.  Maybe Sen. Vitter will show up and do his damn job, rather than hide behind piles of questions.


DDM has never been to Louisiana, and is curious as to what kind of people continually vote for Sen. Vitter to represent them in Congress. 


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