Surprise, Surprise, Surprise: George Zimmerman Stoled His Inspirational Flag 'Painting' From A Stock Image

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise: George Zimmerman Stoled His Inspirational Flag 'Painting' From A Stock Image

Nope, it's not Jasper Johns Day on Wonkette -- that there, courtesy of an anonymous Wonkette reader, is a montage of 1) George Zimmerman's"hand painted artwork" that is currently hovering at a high bid of $99,966.00 on the Ebay, 2) a popular "waving flag" image from the interwebs, and 3) a fancy-schmancy overlay of item 1 on item 2, which is the kind of thing that can be done by a smart reader who actually knows Photoshop. (You can tell Yr Dok Zoom didn't do this, because it is not MS-Paint, it looks good, and there's no pony.) So while it looks like New York Magazine broke this story before Yr Wonkette did, we would just like to point out that their lame story only has a link to the stock image, not a nifty overlay by an actual person who knows their way around the graphics, so there.

Our tipster, who prefers to remain anonymous, wrote to say that since she works in a job what involves veterans outreach, she handles a lot of flag graphics, and she immediately recognized the flag in Zimmerman's painting. Based on the one published pic of his "artwork," she opines that "At best this was some sort of 'paint by number' scenario, which is fine, but it sure as hell is not the scenario Zimmerman describes on his ebay questions page:

Q: What is the medium; oil or acrylic? Thanks

A: Thanks for your question, The paint was donated to me by a great friend (J.S.), as far as I know it is regular household latex paint. I know its not the fanciest, but it is what we had and I needed to put these visions onto the blank canvas as soon as possible. Your friend, GZ @therealGeorgeZ

Yep, blank canvas. You know, like pretty much every other aspect of George Zimmerman's credibility.

Thanks for your tip, anonymous reader, and we'll let you guys know if Mr. Zimmerman gets back to our question about the amazing similarities between that and "hand painted artwork by me, George Zimmerman."

Doktor Zoom

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