Suze Orman's 12 Tips to Fix Your Holiday Spending Habits! Tabs, Fri., Nov. 20, 2020

Suze Orman's 12 Tips to Fix Your Holiday Spending Habits! Tabs, Fri., Nov. 20, 2020
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Oh sweet Jesus, management at this Tyson pork plant "organized a cash buy-in, winner-take-all betting pool for supervisors and managers to wager how many employees would test positive for COVID-19," a wrongful death lawsuit by the son of a deceased plant worker alleges. And you know what that means: Mitch McConnell won't do a stimulus unless it includes immunity for businesses that infect their workers and customers. (CBS) Tyson has suspended the managers. (AP)

"This is how we treat each other? This is who we are?" A "bitch," "communist" county health director talks about the people following her to the park and taking pictures of her kids, for wanting her Missouri community to not die of coronavirus. — Washington Post

Hospitals in half the states facing massive staffing shortages. (Stat News)

"It's complicated." Biden weighing whether to keep Dr. Deborah Birx on the task force yeah naw. — Politico

Judges — including a Trump appointee — dump cases in Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. That doesn't make it no harm no foul. It's very very very foul. (CNN)

The Sun Won't Rise In Utqiaġvik, Alaska Until Joe Biden Is President. So say we all! (Forbes)

Joy and Pain: MSNBC Host Assaults Trump's Highest Ranking Black Friend on Live TV

Joy seemed stunned but—to be fair—why would anyone expect the Candace Owens of Ice Cubes to follow an election just because he once worked in the White House and appeared on television to answer questions about the election?

The Root

Devin Nunes is suing the Washington Post again. Remember when Republicans' whole thing was GRRR FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS? (TechDirt)

Oh, and it's about this guy: The gravity of Michael Ellis's promotion to White House top intel guy. (Just Security)

Yeah right?

The focus on what Biden should do is understandable, but where are the pieces calling on congressional Republicans to meet him halfway, or quarter-way, or even tenth-way? The all-too-tacit assumption of many who counsel prudential centrism to Biden is that Republicans will then welcome such a chastened perspective with open arms.

Harold Meyerson doesn't fucking think so, at The American Prospect

Talking to Kamala Harris's Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sisters. — Elle

40 years after Jonestown, why writing about cults and the people who join them is never easy. (CrimeReads)

Hey, this is cool, Pramila Jayapal and Ron Wyden introduced the Finding Alternatives to Mass Incarceration: Lives Improved by Ending Separation Act (FAMILIES Act) to keep from incarcerating parents and letting them stay home with their kids. It's based on successful programs in Oregon and Washington that reduced recidivism. (Jayapal)

Oh hell YEAH YEAH YEAH: Booker, Gillibrand and Warren introduce the JUSTICE FOR BLACK FARMERS ACT! — Mother Jones

You might be interested in this kickstarter for a gender-equitable deck of playing cards! — Kickstarter

God damn you Food and Wine, god damn you to hell! 35 Easy Apple Desserts. I will start with the apple ginger crostata. (You can scroll down instead of slideshowing.)

Sorry, not in time for Thanksgiving, but this is a good wine club, and if you join it with my link, they will give you $100 and me $40, and it is good and I like it. (Naked Wines)

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