Swedish Karaoke And Dancing Indians: A Fun Weekend Indeed


Tonight, Friday October 24: One more reason that the EU was a damn good idea: it hosts a continent wide competition to see which country can produce the best pop song. The House of Sweden is holding its own rendition of the contest tonight, complete with past contestants, karaoke and an open bar. Tickets are $20. [Eurovision Night After Dark]

  • Tonight through through Sunday, October 25: See how the other half of DC-- the burlesque queens, tattoo artists and panhandlers-- lived in the 1970s. A little different than the history you get on your everyday tour of the District. [Another Washington]
  • Tonight and through Saturday, October 24: If you secretly enjoyed the end to Slumdog Millionaire more than the actual film, you're in luck: the Lincoln Theater is hosting dancing Indians this weekend.  [Fall Festival of Indian Dance]
  • Closing, Sunday, October 25: You can see the gay on the big screen for just a few more days-- the Reel Affirmations Film Festival closes this Sunday. [Reel Affirmations]
  • End of times: In case you care, the movie theater at Union Station has closed its doors for good leaving even less of a reason for anyone to visit its god-awful cafeteria. [DCist]

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