Swine Flu Coming Back For Seconds This Winter

  • A presidential panel estimates that as many as 90,000 people in the US could be killed by the (mild and relatively harmless, they hope!) swine flu this winter. [Washington Post]
  • The reality TV guy who may have killed his ex-wife before killing himself was "corrupted by fame," alleges his grieving father, which is a nice sentiment but had anybody outside of a small sliver of VH1 viewers even heard of this man before his ex-wife's body turned up in a suitcase? [Telegraph]
  • Perpetual staker-out-of-presidential-vacation-spots Cindy Sheehan has decamped for Martha's Vineyard, which should be approx. 1,000 times nicer to stay at than crappy old Crawford. [Christian Science Monitor]
  • Maybe the drag queen and sometime politician Rudy Giuliani will run for governor of New York. [New York Times]
  • The GOP goes hard after seniors in its efforts to quash health care reform. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Maybe all the backing and forthing over healthcare is moot anyhow, if President Obama's ambitious plans for change are stymied by a lack of any realistic ability to pay for these things. [Reuters]

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