pigs aids! Ha ha, do you have the pig AIDS, because just about everyone in DC has it! Have you sneezed or coughed at all in the last decade? Then it's definitely the pig AIDS, and you shouldn't touch anyone, especially small children or old dying people, because you could kill them. There's no Tamiflu left, oh well, but there are plenty of places in the District where you can get comfort foods that should help make your impending death by swine a bit more bearable.

Where to get good soup and other comfort foods in DC:

  • Jolt 'N Bolt: The Jolt is easily one of the best coffee houses in DC, and their remedy tea, oatmeal and soups will cure any cold, even one as serious as the H1N1.
  • Whole Foods: Whole Foods has somehow become one of the nicest restaurants in DC, and they have a variety of delicious, hearty soups. Sure they're way overpriced, but you can't put a price on feeling better.
  • Au Pon Bain: The sodium content in these soups may actually make you feel worse, but the soups are delicious and reasonably priced. Their butternut squash soup is particularly delightful.
  • The Greek Deli: This little hole in the wall deli arguably serves some of the best soup in town. The avgolemono (lemon chicken) is heavenly and it comes with a thick slice of fresh bread.
  • The Diner and Tyrst: Up in Adams Morgan, the Diner and its next door neighbor, Tryst, both serve excellent soups and teas and well as cheesed-based comfort foods like grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese.
  • Devon & Blakely: Not only does Devon & Blakely have at least 15 different soups to choose from, but the nice thing is that the soups vary in price depending on the size and meat/ seafood content. They also always offer samples.

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