Symbolic Washington Monument Symbolically Closed Forever By Earthquake Damage


Here is some terrifying video at the 500-foot level of the Washington Monument during the big East Coast earthquake. The government helpfully didn't reveal the extent of the damage, nor this frightening video, until now. Check out the ranger gal -- seen here in the original NPS clip scratching her head and texting until the quake strikes -- as she looks up in horror and then either leads the tourists to safety or just runs like hell! Also, what happened to the last guy who came back, and then never went down the stairs again? The made-up answer may surprise you!

Also, best YouTube comment goes to this guy:

This is a Democracy. I vote that we install the Eye of Sauron on top of the Washington Monument

-- shadowprince9

Shadowprince9, everybody! And the answer to our quiz is "taken to Heaven" because the guy in the hat was actually Jesus ... or Mohammad ... or Captain Kirk, one of those d00dz. [Washington Post]


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