Synonyms For "Liar"

* Barry Obama wants a war of his own. [WP, LAT]

* The three bullet holes in Pat Tillaman's head got there magically without anybody actually doing wrong. [NYT]

* The Dept. of Education is incapable at regulating itself, just like every other part of the government. [NYT]

* Karl is all like, "I'm not talking to you," to Congress and Gonzo is all like, "Yeah, I'm lying but go fuck yourself." [WP]

* Having lost the support of most humans, John McCain woos furniture. [LAT]

* Democrats take another lesson from the Republican playbook and run on bullshit. [Politico]

* Gonzo has until Friday to come clean or the Senate will take some kind of action that is unclear. [The Hill]

* Ted "Moneybags" Stevens likes to use his aids for his own personal shit but lets the government pay them. Ted Stevens in the government. [Roll Call]


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