T Minus 30 Minutes to Hot Bush Girl Action

We have it on good authority that the BC04 campaign has explicit order to keep "Wonkette from getting anywhere near Jenna and Barb." But in cyberspace, no one can hear you stalk. We've been giddy about the girls' live chat -- to be held at 5:30 today -- since we heard about it Monday. . . we just didn't think it wise to so obviously violate the virtual restraining order. But now we're coming out of the closet and we want you too as well: Go to the chat! Overload that motherfucker with the sweet goodness of snark. It'll be like the Sloganator, but with twins! Ask as many questions as you can about


Gay rights


Campaign life

Getting sloshed

What's dad really like


How to recover from falling off of a barstool.

It would be a good idea to start drinking now yourself -- they probably are!

Speaking Out for Dad [GeorgeWBush.com]


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