T-ShirtGate 2: West Virginia Is for Sister-Lovers

like it's not trueWe're so glad that Drudge is on top of this one: "'It's All Relative': W.Va. governor angry over Abercrombie T-shirt that spoofs state. . . "

Alert the irony police! Have knife ready in case you are confronted with 10,000 spoons!

Actually, the stories on this latest t-shirt scandal have been pretty balanced. AP, covering almost all the bases, notes: "Some residents also said the T-shirt was offensive while others found it amusing."

Of course, some residents were too busy fucking their cousins to even notice.

West Virginia governor seeks halt of Abercrombie T-shirts [AP/USAT]

Drudge: Looking a Little Desperate Right Now [Wonkette]


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